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We Costa Ricans, also known as Ticos, have a reputation for being hospitable and hard working and we would like to maintain this reputation. Since 2 years we`ve been considered the happiest people on the planet, thanks to all Ticos who like to live in our beloved Costa Rica.

Our country is unique due to its great diversity of species. This is one of many reasons why we would like to show YOU our country.
Within our boundaries many people with different nationalities are living and enriching our language and our food with their traditions​​.
The special thing about my beloved Costa Rica is that you can make friends everywhere. Let me present myself. My name is Alvaro Jimenez and I lived
6 years in Germany. A few times I went to a bar by myself and ordered a beer. No one spoke to me, although people kept arriving and some of them even sat down next to me. I went home alone without having a chat with noone. At first I thought this is because I am a foreigner. But no. After some time I learned more about German culture and I realized that is just the way they are. Here in Costa Rica it is different. No one is sitting alone in a bar for long, because we are very sociable people.
One of the things we feel very strongly is the culture herited by our ancestors. Love and respect your country and show it with great pride. We are an exception in Latin America, because for many decades we`ve been living in democracy - and not dictatorship.
That's the most important thing in Costa Rica, the centuries-long democratic tradition and more than 50 years without army. Our army was abolished constitutionally in 1948. A lot of money previously invested in military nowadays is used to benefit our people guaranteeing them a higher standard of living.

All this makes Costa Rica a great country to visit and explore.




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