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Same service offered cheaper by our competitors? we have the best price guarantee!


The Ticotrotter Best Price Guarantee:


If you found an offer from a different tour operator that provides the same service but cheaper, please let us know by sending us a link or by sending us the offer by mail.


Our prices have a narrow margin and we don't use complicated channels for distribution that pay commissions to others. Therefore it will hardly ever occur that you find a better offer elsewhere.

Compare carefully! Look at the details! Ticotrotter doesn't hide costs in small print which is a common tactic. Very often price differences can be explained by checking the small print in offers of other tour operators.

  • Rental car tours. Many organizers don't calculate comprehensive insurance and no GPS system, sometimes even basic insurance is not included in the offered prize. Furthermore delivery charges are not included in the tour price. It is easy to overlook the small print that says that there are still "local fees" to be paid. One usually doesn't consider that these fees might well add up to several hundred USD.
  • Rental carsBe aware of the type of car you are being offered. You can`t compare a small car with a 4x4 vehicle. 
  • Small group tours. Please take into consideration that our group tours have a far lower number of participants (14) than those of major tour operators, where you usually share one guide with 25 people. A large group tour may be cheaper but the actual product is very different.
  • Hotel category (Round trip). Many organizers trick their clients when it comes to hotel categories. Tours are advertised with four-star hotels and in small print somewhere you may read "category according to the country". We, the Ticotrotter team, think that our customers shouldn`t have to figure out what "category according to the country" actually means. That's why we categorise the hotels according to Western standards. As a result and in order to be honest with our customers, we sometimes take away one star.
  • Individual trips with private guide. When you compare prices please check if our competitors really perform the journey exclusively for you or if you are, occasionally, booked into an existing group.
  • Beach hotels. We cooperate with selected partners (according to the principle "rather fewer beach hotels, but those at a good price"). Occasionally it may happen that a beach hotel is given away for a dumping price at an internet portal. You should check if local taxes and the breakfast is included. If this is the case, please let us know and we are ready to recalculate our prices.


Give us the chance to convince you that we offer the best price for the same service!









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