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questions concerning rental car tours in Costa Rica

Find here information about driving in Costa Rica!


How are the road conditions and is driving in Costa Rica safe?

Costa Rica can be easily visited by car. The roads have been modernised in recent years. Never the less you should expect the one or another pothole and gravel roads. For your own security it is better to arrive at the scheduled destination before dark to minimize the risk to drive into a pothole or on a dangerous road. Outside of the Central Valley there are only a few highways, so it it easy to find your way.

With each rental car, a GPS with hotel and national park maps can be booked.

The main roads are now well equipped with signs and you just need to know the meaning of the signs: "Alto" = Stop, "CEDA" = Yield sign, "una via“ = one-way street and "No hay paso“ = no passage.

In San José and the surrounding areas there is usually a lot of traffic in the rush hours (6am - 8am; 4pm - 6pm), you should try to avoid these hours to go into the city. 

A big advantage of a car rental tour is the flexibility. You don't need to rely on transfers and taxis. Many hotels are located outside of the cities and also the national parks are outside, that is why a rental car is the best option to reach everything. 

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