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Dear Traveller,


Please find below the general Terms and Conditions for your information. Please make sure you read them carefully since they apply to you once you accept to book with us. Contrary terms and conditions are - except by writter approval -  not recognized.


Once you decide to book your tour with TICOTROTTER both parties involved have a contract. The agreement or contract is binding for TICOTROTTER once the booking and the price have been confirmed by the booking confirmation the customer receives per email. 


1.1 Booking confirmation / Travel Insurance Certificate

After your booking you will receive a booking confirmation. Together with this confirmation you will receive a note which describes the booked tour, the price and the type of tour booked (Individual touR with / without guide, adventure tour etc).  As a non-European tour operator TICOTROTTER is not able to offer a Insolvency Insurance. However, our bank (see reference in your offer) is happy to inform you about our credit reports. We would also like to refer you to our cooperation partners as well as a reference.


At least 14 days after the receipt of the balance statement the amount of the first payment should be received on our bank account.  Any travel- or cancellation insurance or flight included in the tour needs to be paid immediately in full (at the first payment). No later then 14 days prior to arrival the last part of the payment should be made. If we do not register any receipt of the final payment in time, ticotrotter has the right to consider this as an unannounced cancellation of the trip by the customer, unless agreed upon differently (eg payment afterwards).


3.1 Implementation

All our tours are planned and executed according to the program. However, the travel itinerary can be subject to change, either in the area of hotel reservations or the program (more information can be find below under "Special Features of Adventure Travelling").  Distancing yourself from the group is at your own risk. A late appearance at the departure time can involve a departure without a patricipant: there is no right to claim any damage in this case.


3.2 Price

All prices are shown in euros and related to the offer or prospectus.  The prices and services of TICOTROTTER for any individual booked tour are shown and stipulated in the offer (land arrangements and flight) and will be binding after the first payment. If, without our fault, there are any problems arrising before the start of the tour (exchange rate fluctuations or changes in the prices of flights) , TICOTROTTER reserves the right to adjust the price of the tour. This is up to a maximum of 10% of the total price of the tour and can be applied no later then 20 days prior to arrival.


3.3 Services

The total price of the tour includes all services. The obligation of the traveller what to pay depends on the services requested: Bed & breakfast, half pension or all inclusive. Half pension normally means that breakfast and dinner is included in the price. In case any other meals/services are included in the tour , they will be mentioned seperately. Special requirements will be handled with our outmost care, but we cannot guarantee anything. Prices always exclude any drinks.


3.4 Services and price changes

Any changes due to strikes, weather conditions, political circumstances or any other kind of major force will remain possible without any notice.

If the trip is endangered or impaired due to unforeseeable circumstances, both the organizer and the traveller may terminate the contract. In case of termination due to major force the traveller is responsible to carry any addtional costs.


The traveler can terminate the contract with TICOTROTTER before departure. The cancellation notice should be made in writing (email or fax) . Any cancellation is subject to the charges mentioned below. Any payments made will be refunded in case a negative balance statement is the result of the cancelation.


4.1 Cancellation charges

4.1.1 Flights

Flights are paid in full. For any cancelations of flights please contact the airline company directly. We cannot be held responsable for this.  


4.1.2 Land Arrangement

The following cancelation fees apply: 


45 days before departure: 10% of the full amount, but min. 50.00 Euro
44-30 days before departure: 15%, but min. 100.00 Euro
29-22 days before departure: 25%
21-15 days before departure: 50%

14-03 days before departure: 85%

03 days (72 hours) prior to departure: 95%


Depending on the hotel category the cancellation policy may vary, particularly the luxury hotels have a tighter cancellation policy. When a hotel has a different cancellation policy this will be reported seperately in the booking confirmation and is valid.


4.2 Cancellation Insurance


In case any insurance needs to be cancelled the charges of the insurancy company apply. 


Tour operator TICOTROTTER can withdraw itself from the binding contract when (1) an unpredictable event from outside occurs or  (2)  when the payment obligation of the customer was not met on time (this is considered as a cancellation by part of the customer, claims will not be possible).


A change in a travellers name for the land arrangement is always possible and for free. For the change of a travellers name for a flight (national or international) the conditions of the airline company apply. Mostly a fee needs to be paid.


We keep the very important responsibility to execute the travel program as mentioned in the confirmed papers to a maximum extend. For the hotels, restaurants, transport companies and other service products we are just intermediaries. Therefore in those cases we cannot be held responsible for accidents, any loss or damage of any kind. For any potential interference caused by the lifestlye of the local people (dance music until very late hours etc) we cannot be held responsible. For any disorder that occurs because of misbehaviour by the customer (drunkness etc) TICOTROTTER is excluded from any liability.


TICOTROTTER has put an effort in selecting the type of transport, accommodation and local services. However, in case the performance of any partner does not meet the standards we kindly ask you to report this to the tour guide, the driver or to your contact person in sales, so they can interfere immediately in the situation. In case the travelers culpability is noticable we will not handle your claim.


In case of any service errors in the program, each traveler is required to avoid any damage or keeping the damage as low as possible. In case a traveler wants to claim against TICOTROTTER, he must, in order to be able to make his claim valid, hand over a confirmation of the  non-provided services, so his claim is valid. Any claim against TICOTROTTER will not be valid if received after 2 weeks of the end of the trip or tour the customer participated in. Claims should be send to TICOTROTTER in written. None of the guides is authorized to receive any official claim.



All customer claims against the tour operator TICOTROTTER received within one month after the contractual end should be send in written (per email or fax) to us. After this period of time we can only deal with a claim in case the customer could not prevent anything.



The term of limitation begins with the end date of the contract related to the tour the customer participated in.
The limitation of these claims begins with the date on which to end the trip under the contract. Pending between the traveler and the travel provider TICOTROTTER negotiations on the claim or the claim plausible circumstances, the limitation is suspended until a negotiating partner refuses to continue the hearing or abducted impracticable. The limitation period shall expire no sooner than three months after the end of the suspension. Tort claims be made within three years. The assignment of claims against the tour operator
TICOTROTTER is excluded.


Information concerning the names of tour participants and the whereabouts of tourists will not be provided to third parties even in urgent cases, unless the traveler has specifically requested explicitly. The expenses resulting from the transmission of urgent messages are charged to the customer. It is therefore recommended that the tour participants to post their relatives leave the exact address (which you can find the travel provider TICOTROTTER) prior to departure.



Delays in transport train, bus or airplane may occur. In third world countries, local events such as markets or festivals are often cancelled without giving any notice. The customer should take into account that accommodations in several areas do not meet European Standards. Poor sanitation and a shortage of hygiene can occur.



Travel Tips: All our travel suggestions in the travel documents are not legally binding.



Information about physical requirements and climate: All information on physical requirements and climate aare based on knowledge, belief and experience. They are part of our customer service. Since physical demands are subjective and there are often climate changes, our information should be considered but are not a guaranteee for any part of the tour.



Vaccinations: Legally required vaccinations are published in our documents. We would like to point out that vaccination recommendations should be obtained prior to departure with a local medical specialist.


The invalidity of any provision of the contract does not invalidate the entire travel contract. The same applies to these terms and conditions.



TICOTROTTER is part of Trottermundo, a Mexican company with headquarters in Mexico. For this reason, all claims will be thread under Mexican law and jurisdiction.



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