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Travelinsurance policy with Ticotrotter


In German speaking countries tour operators are requested to issue a so-called travel insurance certificate, a document that guarantees the chosen trip to the customer. Actually it doesn`t guarantee the journey itself but the refunding of (up to a certain amount) preliminary payments.


Simply put, a travel insurance certificate is a kind of insolvency insurance. If a tour operator goes bankrupt, before a tour can be acceeded, all preliminary payments are insured and can be refunded, the tour, however, will not come off.


Why does Ticotrotter not issue such travel insurance certificates? As a non-European company we are not legally liable to do so but furthermore it is impossible to issue this document. However, as we are offering payment after the trip our customers can opt for a significantly more effective insurance and you`d hardly find a stronger vote of confidence.   


Anyway, if you still feel uncomfortable with the matter, you may book with a travel agency of your choice in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Just ask the employee to contact us and we will arrange everything so you have the opportunity to book with a travel insurance certificate.





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