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easy Cancellation and travel insurance with Ticotrotter


With Ticotrotter you can easily take out a cancellation and travel insurance while you are booking. These are your options:


  • Cancellation cover for scheduled airlines. We charge 6 % on the cost of the flight.
  • Cancellation cover for the land package (travel component without flight). We charge 3% on the tour price, if you are willing to accept a 20% deductible or 4%,without deductible.

A brief reference in the insurance booking is enough to order the specific product. In the event of a damage (illness or accident of one of the travellers) all claims will be processed directly with us.  Just send us your medical report issued by a doctor or at the hospital.


All travel and cancellation insurance options mentioned above can be concluded with Trottermundo. Get informed at our   General insurance terms and conditions


If you wish more complex insurance products we offer the opportunity to get insured directly with our partners TravelSecure or the Europäische Reiseversicherung choosing the product you desire. In this case terms and conditions of the cooperating company shall apply.


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